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Bacon! On Repeat
Simply Sweet or Devilishly Spicy
Bacon Every Month Club
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The bacon-lovers club of choice. 4 pounds of Tender Belly signature bacon shipped monthly.

Signature: Pork, Salt, Brown Sugar, Celery Powder, Maple Sugar, Spices, White Sugar Habañero: Pork, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Celery Powder, Maple Sugar, Spices, White Sugar, Habanero Powder

Nutrional Info

Weight: 4.4 lb
Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 1.5 in

The best damn bacon on the planet made with the finest, all-natural ingredients.

Bacon. Enough said. Try the world’s best bacon delivered to your door, monthly. That’s right. Four pounds of dry cured, cherrywood-smoked bacon flavored with our signature maple rub or spiced up with our habanero mix. Try one flavor or get 2 of each. Be a part of the “in” club.

Certified Awesome
Heritage Hogs
  • Only Heritage Breeds
  • Raised by US Family Farmers
  • No Farrowing or Gestation Crates
  • 100% Vegetarian Diet
  • No Antibiotics, No Hormones
Superior Recipes
  • Perfected for Amazing Flavor
  • Sourced by Elite Chefs Nationwide
  • Primed for Culinary Creativity
Serious Sustainability
  • Sky-High Standards
  • Humane Practices
  • Nose-To-Tail Usage