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Aloha Summer: Pig Roast 101

Posted June 07, 2015

It's time for a summer hog feast with a Hawaii themed luau, complete with an authentic whole roaster pig. Put your neighbors frozen burger patties to shame. Where do you get this whole hog you ask? That parts easy – Tender Belly of course! We've got you covered. Just order two weeks ahead and we'll help you select the perfect naturally grown roaster and butcher hog. Tender Belly pigs are ridiculously tender, juicy and delicious. Now to the slightly more complicated part, cooking that porker. Just follow these instructions and say aloha to an epic barbecue. First off, pig roastin’ is a two-day affair that involves a lot of planning and preparation. Step one is all about the pit. Here are several options you may want to consider: 1. Borrow a pit. 2. Buy a pit. 3. Build a pit. You can cook the pig over charcoal, wood or gas. Your best bet is to use a gas pit and add wood for that smoked flavor. Step 2: Prepare that pig. You’re going to want to season that Tender Belly pig with a delicious rub the day before cooking. There are so many to choose from you can’t go wrong. The carcass is best cooked butterflied from the belly so it’s somewhat flat over the pit. Make sure to continue to season throughout the roasting process. Step 3. Now for the cooking. Keep the motto “low and slow.” The recommended pit temp is 250 degrees F so fire it up early. The hog takes roughly about 10 hours to cook, so you’re going to want to start bright and early and regulate throughout the day ideally with a brew in hand. The pig is done when the temperature reaches 170 degrees F. The final preparation takes another hour. Wrap that hog with tin foil to hide from guest scavengers, and this also allows the juices to flow throughout the meat. After an hour, start pulling the meat using large sections. It should easily separate from the bone. Serve with some delicious appetizers and enjoy. That’s the easy part. Click here for more detailed instructions.