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Tender Belly in the Wild

Posted January 16, 2016

Photo ofTender Belly in the Wildby Tender Belly
So you don’t cook at home? No worries! Your laziness will pay off if you stop in to one of these restaurants and order Tender Belly meals from their menu. From California to Arizona, Tender Belly has your back! And, if you’re trying to learn to cook at home, the Green Chef in Colorado can help you with delivered ingredients directly to your door. Saint Marc 21058 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA Belly up to the bacon bar at the Saint Marc restaurant for your choice of a B.L.A.T. (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato) sandwich or bacon bites including bacon-wrapped dates, bacon-wrapped artichokes, and more! Be sure to try the Tender Belly habanero bacon on the bacon-wrapped jalapenos for some real kick! Green Chef Colorado The Green Chef handpicks organic, sustainably sourced ingredients from a trusted community—and they’re now serving Tender Belly products with their meals! Sign up for the at-home meal delivery and they’ll do all the prep: From chopping veggies to making sauces and spice blends, just leave the work to them. Then, after they deliver, quickly make healthy and delicious dinners at home. With menus changing weekly, you’ll never get bored with their options. Citizen Public House 7111 E. 5th Ave Ste. E Scottsdale, AZ If you’re in old town Scottsdale, don’t leave without stopping by the Citizen Public House to order a classic cocktail or craft brew to pair with the pan-seared scallops. With Tender Belly bacon, roasted corn grits, wilted snow pea greens, and cola gastrique, you won’t regret stopping here for dinner.