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Tender Belly supports The Wild Animal Sanctuary by donating 6,320 lbs of pork

Posted August 28, 2015

Photo ofTender Belly supports The Wild Animal Sanctuary by donating 6,320 lbs of porkby Tender Belly
By Denver Food Examiner Giving back the community is something that Tender Belly cares deeply about. They recently donated 6,320 lbs of pork to The Wild Animal Sanctuary to help feed the rescued animals. The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a remarkable organization that shelters neglected and mistreated wildlife giving them room to roam and an opportunity to live life similar to their habitat in nature. The animals now housed at The Wild Animal Sanctuary were rescued because they've been abandoned, abused, illegally kept or came from another awful situation. Some of them were kept as pets before being confiscated by law enforcement officials. The sanctuary also provides a permanent refuge to “surplus animals” from zoos and other wildlife facilities where they face euthanasia due to over-breeding. It is the mission of The Wild Animal Sanctuary and facilities like it to protect animals that have become victims of the captive wildlife crisis. The sanctuary provides large acreage and tries to simulate life in the wild for these animals giving them an opportunity to live a normal life. The Wild Animal Sanctuary is usually operating at, or near, maximum capacity so it is always vital for them to receive donations. To learn more about how you can contribute, visit their site here. Read more about Tender Belly online here.