The Weekend Is Here Bundle

The ultimate pork package to make sure your weekend goes hog wild. This package includes five items: 

Signature Uncured Bacon (2 x 12 Oz Packages)

The bacon that started it all! We take the finest Berkshire pork belly and apply our signature slightly-sweet maple spice rub. The result is the most incredible bacon you've ever tasted.

No Sugar Signature Uncured Bacon (2 x 12 Oz Packages)

Same spices as our signature blend, without the sugar. Keto and Paleo certified.

Pulled Pork with Tender Belly BBQ Sauce (2 x 12 Oz Packages)

We slow-roasted our hogs so you don’t have to for that authentic, smoky flavor that will melt mouths and hearts alike.

Pork Hot Dogs (2 x 12 Oz Packages)

Let’s be frank: these aren't your average hot dog. 100% Applewood-smoked Berkshire pork coarse coarse ground in an all natural casing.

Signature Pork Jerky (3 x 2.15Oz Packs)

We went where no one has before and took the highest quality heritage breed pork belly loin to get the delicious, rich flavor you crave. 33 grams of protein per bag and no sugar added means it’s even keto and paleo certified.

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