Gift Subscription for Bacon Lovers



Calling all bacon lovers! Do you believe bacon is the most important food group?Gift a monthly delivery ofour quality Tender Belly signature bacon, it's the gift that keeps on givin'.  We offera variety of delivery subscription options of 3, 6, and 12 months.

3 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION - starting at $155.40

6 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION - starting at $310.80

12 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION - starting at $621.60

Your recipients meat subscription will includefour (4) 12 ounce packages of delicious, quality bacon at the beginning of each month. That's three whole pounds of the best bacon on Earth! Our heritage breed pigs are raised with: NO antibiotics, ever, vegetarian fed and crate-free. With their exceptional meat to fat ratio they are the perfect belly. We apply our signature maple and spice rub and then cure them and Cherrywood-smoke them to perfectionto satisfy your taste buds.

Whether your order is for you, a friend, or just to share, you won't want to pass up the opportunity to have the world's highest quality bacon delivered right to your doorstep every month. Because who doesn't want bacon for every meal?

We spare no expense with ingredients, process or time to give you and your friends thehighest quality products.In our humble opinion, bacon is the most important food group. That's why we believe getting these tasty meats delivered every month is a form of self care. 


The best product starts with humanely raised meat. That's why our heritage pigs are raised crate-free, fed all-vegetarian diets and no antibiotics ever. We then elevate the natural flavors with our signature dry rubs and Cherrywood-smoked finish. 


Bacon Every Month subscriptions are shipped around the beginning of each month.

If you place your order any day of the month, your subscription will start the beginning of the next month (e.g., orders placed December will start in January). Orders placed after the 3rd will start the following month. Subscriptions take 1 to 5 business days to arrive, so you can expect to receive your monthly box between the 5th to 10th of the month.


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