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Certified Awesome. It’s a bold claim, so do we have the chops to prove it? You betcha... and then some.

It isn’t just about creating standout products with large, clean favors you simply can’t find elsewhere. It’s about setting our bar higher—sourcing only the best pedigreed pigs, supporting family farmers, inspiring food-source conscience in food lovers and following processes that ensure every detail is met with tenacity, passion and ambition. That’s Certified Awesome.



What sets us apart is our commitment to doing things the right way. That requires time and really high standards. That's why we give our hogs the time they need to mature. Why we dry-cure for two weeks. Why we never take shortcuts. Not just because it's the right thing to do, but because it results in the best-tasting pork that'll ever grace your mouth.

We also set really high standards for ourselves. And we go to great lengths to enforce that level of quality, starting on the farm all the way through transportation, harvesting and packaging.

Our farmer-partners comply with our high standards for animal welfare and are visited regularly to ensure they're treating our hogs with the care and compassion we expect.

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At Tender Belly, we pay serious attention to where food is raised or grown and how it’s processed. From our pork itself to the other spices and ingredients we use to create our premium products, we make sure everything is sourced through sustainable practices.

We make every effort to be sustainable, humane and environmentally conscious. We choose farms close to our processing plants to cut down on unnecessary transportation. We promote sustainable feed, much of which comes from the same farms that raise our hogs, and we select farms that rotate their crops annually. We ship our product in insulated, biodegradable wrapping. And we're always looking for new ways of doing things better.


Every animal's life is precious, so we try to sell the whole hog whenever possible, whether that's through our pork programs or by reselling to other distributors.

We believe in "waste not, want not," so we use every piece of the pig—nose to tail. It keeps us creative and at the forefront of the culinary scene, as today’s best chefs are increasingly aligning themselves with sustainable, humane providers. Contact us if you want to learn more about our standards and practices.