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We’re picky about our pigs. We source only the best heritage breeds including Berkshire, Doruc and many others. Our hogs are raised here in the States by family farmers who don’t cut corners. No farrowing or gestation crates. Just a 100% quality vegetarian diet with lots of open space to roam and breathe in the fresh farm air. We never use antibiotics or hormones. Hell no.

Truth is, when you select hogs that have been well cared for, you get a pork product with distinctive flavor—darker, juicier, more tender meat with exquisite marbling and texture. When you taste Tender Belly pork, you just know it’s different... and you go for seconds.

The Meat of it

Our commitment to quality starts with our heritage hogs, meaning hogs with good genes from long, documented bloodlines. Our two main breeds are known for their excellent taste and tenderness.

The flavor and texture of Berkshire pork is what sets it apart from other breeds. It's best described as having a distinctive, rich, buttery taste with unparalleled juiciness, tenderness and depth of flavor.

Duroc hogs are a hardy breed, happy, and healthy in both cold and warm climates. Their meat is typically a dark red and maintains lots of moisture for good fat marbling throughout.

While we specialize in two main breeds of hog, our full catalog spans Mangalitsa, Mulefoots, and Herefords, and many more heritage breed hogs. Looking for another breed? We can special order whatever you're after.

Only the Best for our Pigs

We partner with more than 250 family farms located in seven states across the central and southwestern U.S. Our farmers have been raising pigs for generations and are dedicated to doing things the right way. They're paid top dollar to treat the hogs with care and provide the best conditions possible, including:

  • Access to the outdoors
  • No crates
  • All-vegetarian diets and plenty of water
  • No antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products
  • Humane transportation
  • Time to grow up and live like hogs should

We go to great lengths to keep our hogs happy and healthy—not just because it's the right thing to do—but it turns out happy, healthy pigs taste better too.