Bacon & Franks Package

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Each Bacon & Franks Package includes three packages of four 3oz pork hot dogs for a total of 12 franks and three 12oz packages of our most popular bacon variety, Signature Uncured. 

Hot Dogs

Let’s be frank: there is nothing like perfect nitrate-free pork hot dogs. Regardless of what you put on top, it all starts with the frank itself. We take the hind leg of 100% Berkshire pork and smoke it with applewood. We then coarse grind it and pack it into an all natural casing. Every bite delivers a crisp snap and the perfect balance of subtly sweet and delightfully salty taste. So go ahead and try one. Or three. 

Signature Uncured Bacon

Same great flavor and everything you’re used to with our Signature Maple Bacon, except NO nitrates! We founded our business on our obsession with making great bacon and a passion for heritage pigs. And the most honored legacy of a glorious Tender Belly pig is truly great bacon! 


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