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BBQ Ribs, Boston Butt & Franks | BBQ Enthusiast Package

Flavorful, tender and juicy pork for your BBQ staples.



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Product Weight

23.1 Lbs


Nobody has friends over to microwave. Rally the troops and show them that grilling is a full-on art form that you have mastered. Check out this "package":

Baby Back Ribs: Our 100% ABA Berkshire Baby Back Ribs are juicier than your average rib because of the intra-muscular marbling that keeps the meat tender. A typical rack contains 10-13 bones per pack.

Boneless Boston Butt: One of the most versatile cuts, the 100% ABA Berkshire Boneless Boston Butts are ideal for almost anything. Each pack contains 2 butts, average weight is 17 lbs.

Franks: Better than "dogs" our uncured and 100% Berkshire pork comes from the hind leg and is coarse-ground like Old World sausage. They’re applewood-smoked and have a subtly sweet and delightfully salty taste. Comes 4 3 oz. franks per pack = 12 oz.

All packages include a 10% discount off regularly priced Tender Belly items. As we say, "nice package"!

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