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We’re making some changes to our site and this item is no longer available. We are happy to help with any wholesale or bulk orders. Email us at and one of our pork purveyors will get back to you or visit our Wholesale area:

Bacon Of The Month Lovers | Tender Belly | Super Tasty

Our perfectly spiced bellies are by far the best meat candy on the market.


See ingredients for individual products included in this package.

Product Weight

3.3 Lbs


BACON, it’s good for ya! And everyone should get to experience each of our flavor options. Get three packs: one pack of each of our Signature Maple Cured and Uncured, and our Dry-Rub Uncured Habanero. You don't have to be picky—just go ahead and indulge in the goodness of our bacon and fall in love with your favorite.

All packages include a 10% discount off regularly priced Tender Belly items. As we say, "nice package"!


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