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The Weekend Is Here Package




Make any weekend into an awesome feast with the perfect pork package! 

This package includes five items: 

Signature Uncured Bacon (2 x 12 Oz Packages)

The bacon that started it all! We take the finest Berkshire pork belly and apply our signature slightly-sweet maple spice rub. The result is the most incredible bacon you've ever tasted.

No Sugar Signature Uncured Bacon (2 x 12 Oz Packages)

Same spices, as our signature blend, just a little less sweet.

Pulled Pork with Tender Belly BBQ Sauce (2 x 12 Oz Packages)

When it comes to crafting the perfect pulled pork sandwich, patience is a virtue. Lucky for you, we’ve taken the waiting out of the equation, seasoning our delicious pork made from Heritage Breed hogs to perfection before slow-roasting it over hardwoods for that authentic, smoky BBQ flavor that will melt the mouths and hearts of all BBQ fans alike. And we’ve added our own Signature Tender Belly Blend BBQ sauce to complete the mission.

Pork Hot Dogs (2 x 12 Oz Packages)

Let’s be frank: there is nothing like perfect nitrate-free pork hot dogs. Regardless of what you put on top, it all starts with the frank itself. We take the hind leg of 100% Berkshire pork and smoke it with applewood. We then coarse grind it and pack it into an all natural casing. Every bite delivers a crisp snap and the perfect balance of subtly sweet and delightfully salty taste. So go ahead and try one. Or three.  Each pack includes four 3oz pork franks.

Signature Pork Jerky (3 x 2.15Oz Packs)

Go Hog Wild! We're proud supporters of getting out there and doing awesome things. That's why we pack our premium no sugar added pork jerky with only the highest quality ingredients and use heritage breed pork loin so you get the delicious, rich flavor you crave and 33 grams of "Certified Awesome" protein per bag. No junk. Ever. You'll be ready for whatever adventure awaits you.

Certified Awesome
Superior Recipes
  • Perfected for Amazing Flavor
  • Sourced by Elite Chefs Nationwide
  • Primed for Culinary Creativity
Doing Things Better
  • Insanely High Standards
  • Sourcing With Care
  • Humane and Environmentally Conscious
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