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We’re making some changes to our site and this item is no longer available. We are happy to help with any wholesale or bulk orders. Email us at and one of our pork purveyors will get back to you or visit our Wholesale area:

Wagyu Beef New York Strip

Wagyu New York Strip


Wagyu New York Strip 1-1.5lbs/piece $89/lb


Pork is our business but we have friends all over and in high places. We've gotten our hands on some of the most badass Wagyu the US has to offer. Coming from verifiable Japanese genetics, this product grades out to a high A-5 in the Japanese grading system. 1-1.5lbs each.

***Wagyu is an extremely rich product, all any one person really needs to eat at one sitting is 4-6oz. or go ahead, eat as much as you want!***

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