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FAMILY Pork Yeti Coolers Package - Large

YETI meets Bacon

Have the coolest cooler in the hood and show off at your favorite concert, boating excursion or hunting trip with a YETI Tundra 45 specially designed for Tender Belly.

Feed the entire family up to at least 30 people one time, or... keep it all for yourself.

This package includes:

  • (1) Custom Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler (Retail Value $349)
  • (2) Berkshire Pork Porterhouses
  • (4) Racks of Berkshire Pork Baby Back Ribs 
  • (2) 10-Bone Racks of Berkshire Pork Unfrenched Racks 
  • 4 LBS of Signature Dry Rub Uncured Bacon



Includes $349 custom YETI cooler. Approximately 35-39 lbs of pork + 27 lbs YETI Cooler.


See ingredients for individual products included in this package.

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