Making Bacon

Tender Belly Signature Blend Bacon. The best-tasting bacon money can buy.

We do this because we know what it takes when you commit to making bacon of a higher standard. We understand that when you select hogs which are raised right and well cared for, you get a pork product that is more flavorful, darker, juicier, and more tender meat with exquisite marbling and texture. There are no shortcuts to making great bacon.

When you taste Tender Belly bacon, you just know it’s different, then you go for seconds.

Cooking Bacon

When it comes to bacon, the Duffys know best. They recommend cooking Tender Belly bacon in a cast iron skillet, on medium-low heat, flipping the bacon once, about eight minutes per side. It’s how you get that perfectly cooked caramelized look and flavor that makes bacon the best meat ever invented.

Get Crazy Tasty