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Denver Business Podcast: Tender Belly

Posted August 24, 2013

Photo ofDenver Business Podcast: Tender Bellyby Tender Belly
The return to artisan roots is a food trend I can get behind. Sometimes progress leads us astray. That is unless you really like GuavaMango PopTarts. The industrial era and government subsidies delivered Americans a diet that was cheap and plentiful. And that’s great – nobody starved. But now we’ve got rampant obesity, nefarious companies trying to patent plants, and “food” that lacks any flavor resembling it’s biological heritage. Getting fat on franken-foods ain’t my version of the American Dream. In fact there are a lot of folks who are looking for (shall I say) vintage food sources as an alternative to cellophane wrapped food products. Particularly with the popularity of the Paleo movement, American’s have rekindled their love affair with meat – especially high fat meats, like bacon. New research suggests that eating high quality bacon (like Tender Belly) can contribute to weight loss, increased IQ, and reverse male pattern balding. Well, I made up that last part but the point is bacon is healthy. Wrap your head around that. No need to quit PopTarts cold turkey though. An occasional PopTart is good every now and again – just do it right. Watch now.