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When you grow up in Iowa, you know good bacon. And frankly, it’s not always easy to find. That’s why we started Tender Belly—to show the world how amazing bacon should be. Here’s your chance to discover our bacon in all its delicious flavors like our signature blend bacon, habanero bacon, sugar free bacon, and java bacon

More About Our Bacon

Slab Bacon or Sliced Bacon

Slab Bacon is bacon which has not been sliced, and it is most commonly smoked. If it's one big piece of bacon (aka. a slab), it's slab bacon. Cut it as thick or as thin as you like for a given recipe.

Sliced Bacon can be cured or uncured bacon, smoked, and it's sliced before it's packaged so there's no knives required to enjoy the delicious bacon flavors. "

Dry Rubbed Bacon

Our Dry Rubbed bacon is produced by applying a dry mixture of ingredients to the surface of the bacon, rather than injecting an aqueous solution into the meat. It takes weeks or more for this method to completely cure the meat. But the end result is worth the wait.

Smoked Bacon

Tender Belly bacon is smoked to perfection over cherrywood, or applewood.

American Bacon

Our hogs are raised here in the United States of America by farmers who don't cut corners - no farrowing or crating here just a 100% quality vegetarian diet with lots of open space to roam and breathe in the fresh farm air. We never use antibiotics or hormones, that's cheating. We source only the best heritage breeds including Berkshire Hogs, Duroc Hogs, and many others.

Making Bacon

We do this because we know that when you select hogs that have been well cared for, you get a pork product more flavorful, darker, juicier, and more tender meat with exquisite marbling and texture.

When you taste Tender Belly pork, you just know it’s different... and you go for seconds..

Baking Bacon

When it comes to bacon, the Duffys know best. They recommend cooking Tender Belly bacon in a cast iron skillet, on medium heat, flipping twice, six to seven minutes per side. It's how you get that crispy, caramelized flavor that makes bacon the best meat ever invented.