Denver Chefs Reveal Their Perfect Burger

Denver Chefs Reveal Their Perfect Burger

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And there is wide variety in their taste.

In honor of Eater's Burger Week, we asked Denver chefs a few questions about the burgers they love, where they eat them, and what they think should never show up on a burger. From the perfect bun to the fattiness of the patty, let's take a look at what makes a perfect burger, according to 19 Denver chefs.

Max MacKissock, Bar Dough: To me there are two distinct kinds of burgers, the skinny grey burger, or the meaty burger that a temperature is required. I like them both a lot. Rayme Rossello, Comida: Erik [Duffy of Tender Belly] made some burgers at home the other day that he ground up himself with 90% lean ground beef (organic, but NOT grass fed) and then added the ground pork back fat. It was the best burger, honestly, I have ever had. The temp was MR and it was cooked to perfection on the Big Green Egg [grill]. I always love mayo and ketchupon my burger, cheddar cheese, butter lettuce, ripe tomato, on a not-too-thick bun. Cut it in half. Dakota Soifer, Cafe Aion: It has to be grilled, ideally on wood. On a good bun (brioche is my favorite) I'm a big fan of aioli on the bun, a few thick slices of grilled red onion and great blue cheese... maybe a few spicy pickled things, or barbecue! Paul Reilly, Beast + Bottle: I really feel a great burger is all about the patty to bun ratio. It has to be right or no matter what else you put on, it won't matter. Patrik Landberg, Charcoal: A perfect burger is cast iron grilled burger(you get a little smoke from the grill, but not too heavy charred minimum 20% fat content ) cooked medium rare, brioche bun, caramelized onion, aged cheddar cheese, Bibb lettuce, and horseradish mayo, and maybe a few pickles. Lon Symensma, ChoLon and Cho77: Grilled burger, lettuce, tomato, onion, barbecue sauce, cheese. Justin Brunson, Old Major: Double American cheese, caramelized onions, dill pickles, raw white onion, ketchup, and mustard on a white sesame seed bun. Theo Adley, the Squeaky Bean: The perfect burger to me is a very simple equation. A high quality buntoasted with butter. An all-beef blend; ideally chuck and brisket, about 85% lean. American cheese is the optimal cheese. Sliced dill pickles and melted or sautéed onion are the only real vegetable elements I need. And I prefer ketchup and mayo, best dresses up in a "special sauce." Kevin Morrison, Pinche Tacos: Beef, ground beef, or chuck, or NY strip. Medium rare. Brandon Biederman, Steuben's: I like most any burger as long as it's made well and not some dried up piece or low quality meat. Elise Wiggins, Panzano: Angus beef, potato bun, bacon, gorg, red onion, tomato, lettuce, andcrisp pickles. Pete Ryan, the Plimoth: The perfect burger is cooked rare, seasoned correctly, good fat to meat ratio (30:70), fat tomato slice, crisp lettuce, maybe a litle ketchup or mayo. Real simple stuff to let the meat shine! Jorel Pierce, Stoic & Genuine: My perfect burger is simple. Fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo somedays, somedays not. Always American cheese, always mustard, butter griddled bun, flat-top seared patty (6-8oz, 80/20 or fattier) crispy edges and perfect warm medium. Hosea Rosenberg, Blackbelly Market: The perfect burger is big, exciting, full of surprises, messy, and doesn't hold together well at the end. Kind of like most of my relationships. Alex Seidel, Fruition/Mercantile Dining & Provision: Thin, caramelized beef patty that has great beef flavor and is juicy. Fresh bun, almost moist, that has been griddled with butter. I am a sucker for American cheese on my burger. I also like bacon, avocado, lettuce, ketchup, and mustard. Jenna Johansen, Epicurean: Rare, great juicy meat, thick patty. No seasoning other than salt and pepper. Brioche bun. Lettuce, tomato, mayo or aioli, good mustard. Frank Bonanno, Bonanno Concepts: A half pound preferably cooked on a flat top to a perfect medium rare—still a little bloody. If I'm making it at home, it's on a buttered English muffin. Chris Thompson, the Nickel: My favorite burger is a patty melt. Marbled rye, caramelized onions, emmenthaler, fancy sauce (ketchup, aioli, minced cornichons). Jennifer Jasinski, Rioja: I love a buffalo burger, medium rare with pepper Jack cheese, green chili, and avocado on a toasted onion bun.

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