Punch Bowl Social, HopCat To Expand Dining And Drinking Options In Detroit

Punch Bowl Social, HopCat To Expand Dining And Drinking Options In Detroit

By Edward Cardenas, CBS Detroit [caption id="attachment_3396" align="alignleft" width="350"]Crews put the finishing touches on Punch Bowl Social in Detroit, which is scheduled to open Wednesday. (By Edward Cardenas) Crews put the finishing touches on Punch Bowl Social in Detroit, which is scheduled to open Wednesday. (By Edward Cardenas)[/caption] DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – A big week is on “tap” for foodies, craft beer lovers and nightlife in Detroit as Punch Bowl Socialand HopCat Detroit prepare to open. The two high-profile openings bring locally sourced menus, a wide-array of beers and unique entertainment options to downtown Detroit. Punch Bowl Social – located on the ground floor of the Z parking lot – starts the festivities with a grand opening party Wednesday, with menu sampling, punch tastings, activities, and live performance by Kaleido, from 7 – 9 p.m., and at 10 p.m., the venue will be open for those 21 and over. Tickets are $10, with proceeds donated to The Salvation Army. Wednesday night. Tickets can be purchased in advance, and at the door (upon availability), for $10 per person. ALL proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army. This is the fourth location for the Denver-based “Gastro-Diner,”which offers locally sourced food and drink in a modern, mountain lodge-like setting with games including bowling, darts, marbles, ping-pong and vintage arcade games. The 24,000-square-foot  “eatertainment” concept will be located on the ground floor of “The Z” parking structure on Broadway. Some of the unique creations include chocolate whiskey milkshake with bacon-infused Maker’s Mark Bourbon, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, candied bacon and an extra-wide straw; Dearborn- made Scotty O’Hotty hot sauce and tender belly pork shoulder Frito pie. HopCat Detroit will open the largest beer bar in the city at 11 a.m. Saturday. Bellaire-based Short’s Brewing Company will attempt a world record beginning at 11 a.m. with tap takeover of at least 101 different varieties of Short’s beers. Here are the beers Short’s will offer for the world record attempt: Lagers

Beard of Zeus- India Pale Lager/ 4.5% ABV

Black Diamond- American Black Lager/ 5.1% ABV

Bourbon Sustenance- Bourbon Barrel Aged Schwarz bier/ 6.5% ABV

Cerveza de Julie- Mexican-Style Lager/ 5% ABV

Crunchy Grooves- Bohemian-Style Pilsner/ 5.2% ABV

Der Norden- German-Style Pilsner/ 5% ABV

Devil’s Lettuce- Wet-Hopped India Pale Lager/ 5.7% ABV

Electric Mullet- Imperial Cream Ale/ 6.7% ABV

Kolsch 45- Kolsch/ 4.8% ABV

Lectronic Lager- Bohemian-Style Pilsner/ 5% ABV

Lil Wheezy- India Amber Lager/ 7% ABV

Local’s Light- American Light Lager/ 4% ABV

Nectar De La Vida- Mexican-Style Lager w/ Lime & Blue Agave Nectar/ 6.2% ABV

Night Wheeler- American Black Lager/ 4% ABV

Pontius Road Pilsner- American Pilsner/ 5.2% ABV

Spruce Pilsner- Imperial Pilsner w/ Spruce Tips/ 7% ABV

The Curl- Imperial Pilsner/ 7% ABV

The Empire Hops Back- India Pale Lager/ 5.2% ABV

Twist of Cain- American Dark Lager/ 7.5% ABV

Village Reserve- California Common/ 4.5% ABV

Pales & IPAs

 ’05 Anniversary Ale- American Imperial IPA/ 10% ABV

‘06 PART 1 Anniversary Ale- Bourbon Barrel Aged Triple IPA/ 11.6 % ABV

‘06 Part Deux Anniversary Ale- Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial IPA / 9.5 % ABV

’08 Anniversary Ale- American Imperial IPA/ 9% ABV

Bonafide Legit- American Pale Ale/ 6% ABV

Bourbon ControversiALE- Bourbon Barrel Aged IPA/ 6.7% ABV

Bourbon Huma- Bourbon Barrel Aged American IPA/ 8.2% ABV

ControversiALE- American IPA/ 6.5% ABV

Declaration Ale- American IPA/ 6% ABV

Ermagerdness- American Pale Ale/ 5.5% ABV

Freedom of ’78- American IPA/ 6.9% ABV

Giggle Bush- American Pale Ale/ 5.9% ABV

Ginger In The Rye- Rye Munich Ale w/ Ginger/ 7% ABV

Good Feller- Imperial American IPA/ 8.5% ABV

Hellacious Rock- American Imperial IPA/ 8.2% ABV

Huma Lupa Licious- American IPA/ 7.7% ABV

I Got 5 On It- American IPA/ 6.2% ABV

Kind Ale- Wet-Hopped American IPA/ 5.5% ABV

Olfactor Spectacular- American Pale Ale/ 5.3% ABV

Pandemonium Pale- American Pale Ale/ 6.4% ABV

Pretty Vacant- Extra Pale Ale/ 4.5% ABV

Prolonged Enjoyment- American Session IPA/ 3.5% ABV

Quasar Dank- American Rye IPA/ 6.5% ABV

Space Rock- American Pale Ale/ 5% ABV

Stache Bender- American Imperial IPA/ 9% ABV

Stellar Ale- American Pale Ale/ 5.3% ABV

Stroker Ace- American Session IPA/ 4% ABV

Tapawera- American IPA/ 6.7% ABV

Yeager’s Puff- American Pale Ale/ 3.8% ABV


Papa Burgundy- Dunkelweiss/ 5.5% ABV

Snow Wheat- Hefeweizen/ 4.5% ABV

Thimbleberry Crush- Berliner Weisse/ 2.3% ABV

Wit Happens- Belgian-Style Spiced Witbier/ 4.9% ABV

Ambers & Browns

Aorta Ale- Imperial Amber Ale/ 8.5% ABV

Autumn Ale- Extra Special Bitter/ 6.5% ABV

Bellaire Brown- American Brown Ale/ 7% ABV

Good Humans- India Brown Ale/ 8% ABV

Happy Jack- Scottish Ale/ 5.5% ABV

Magician- English-Style Red Ale/ 5.3% ABV

Noble Chaos- Marzen/ 5.3% ABV

Queen Bee- Imperial Amber Ale w/ Honey/ 8% ABV

Woodmaster- Imperial Brown Ale w/ Maple Syrup & Pecans/ 9% ABV

Porters, Stouts, & Black Ales

Big Style- American Stout w/ Brown Sugar & Molasses/ 6.9% ABV

Bim Bam Boom- American Stout w/ Cocoa, Cayenne, & Orange/ 7.4% ABV

Black Cherry Porter- American Porter w/ Black Cherries/ 7% ABV

Bludgeon Yer Eye- American Black IPA/ 6.2% ABV

Bourbon Ben’s Asthma- Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout/ 11.5% ABV

Carob Stout- Imperial Stout w/ Carob/ 6.4% ABV

Chocolate Giddyup- American Stout w/ Coffee & Cocoa/ 6.6% ABV

Chocolate Pretzel Stout- American Stout w/ Chocolate & Pretzels/ 6.8% ABV

Cup A Joe- American Milk Stout w/ Coffee/ 7% ABV

Dark Daze- American Porter/ 6% ABV

Goodnight Bodacious- Imperial Black IPA/ 9% ABV

Imperial Black Cherry Porter- Imperial Porter w/ Black Cherries/ 8.7% ABV

Mystery Stout- Imperial Oatmeal Stout W/ Cocoa & Molasses/ 8.4% ABV

Publican Porter- American Imperial Porter/ 9% ABV

Slow Jam Stout- Sweet Stout w/ Strawberries & Chocolate/ 6.5% ABV

Smugglin Plums Stout- American Stout w/ Plums/ 5.8% ABV

Swirl Stout- American Milk Stout/ 6.4% ABV

Strong Ales

Abnormal Genius- English-Style Golden Ale/ 8.3% ABV

Bourbon Aphasia- Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Ale/ 8% ABV

Bourbon Hammer Jack- Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale/ 8.8% ABV

Double Barrel Bourbon Wizard- Bourbon Barrel Aged American Barleywine w/ Raisins/ 11.8% ABV


Celestial Critter- Belgian-Style Blond Ale/ 6.4% ABV

Deacon Blues- Belgian-Style Pale Ale/ 4.4% ABV

Dubbel Down- Belgian-Style Dubbel/ 7.4 % ABV

Ectoplasmo- Belgian-Style Stout w/ Raspberries/ 6.9% ABV

Evil Urges- Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale/ 8.4% ABV

Love Knife- Belgian-Style Amber Ale/ 6.7% ABV

Oblivion- Belgian-Style Quad/ 12% ABV

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster- Belgian-Style Imperial IPA/ 8.4% ABV

Pig Pen- Bourbon Barrel Aged Wild IPA/ 7.7% ABV

Richard in the Dirt- Belgian-Style Tripel/ 9% ABV

Steely Danzig- Belgian-Style Brown Cream Ale/ 5.5% ABV

Van Dammage- Belgian-Style IPA/ 6.5% ABV


Agave Peach Wheat- American Pale Wheat w/ Peaches & Agave Nectar/ 5% ABV

Black Chai- Spiced American Black Ale/ 5% ABV

Black Licorice- Black Lager w/ Vanilla, Anise, & Mint/ 7% ABV

Bloody Beer- Spiced Vegetable Beer/ 7% ABV

Bourbon Carrot Cake- Bourbon Barrel Aged Spiced Vegetable Ale/ 7.5% ABV

Brew Ninja- Experimental Ale w/ Rice, Yuzu, & Sake Yeast/ 4.5% ABV

Gitchy Gitchy Ooh La La- Kolsch w/ Cucumber, Lemon, & Lilac/ 5.5% ABV

Gone Commando- Vienna-Style Lager w/ Red Currants/ 4.5% ABV

Imperial Soft Parade- Imperial Fruit Rye Ale/ 8.3% ABV

In the Wheat of Passion- American Wheat Ale w/ Passion fruit/ 5% ABV

It’s About Thyme- American IPA w/ Orange Blossom Honey & Thyme/ 7.5% ABV

Jitterbug Perfume- Belgian-Style Golden Ale w/ Beets, Lemon, & Jasmine Tea/ 6.4% ABV

Key Lime Pie- Fruit Ale w/ Marshmallow, Lime, Lactose, and Graham Crackers/ 5.5% ABV

London Fog- English-Style Brown Ale w/ Earl Grey Tea/ 5.3% ABV

Loyalty Ale- American Pale Ale w/ Blood Orange & Guava/ 6% ABV

OMGWTFBBQ- Smoked Fruit/Spice Ale/ 6.7% ABV

Peaches N Cream- Imperial Cream Ale w/ Peaches/ 8.3% ABV

Schnozzleberry Griffin- American Wheat Ale w/ Blackberries & Tea/ 5% ABV

Shadow Assassin- Rauchbier/ 5.3% ABV

Soft Parade- Fruit Rye Ale/ 7.5% ABV

The Gambler- Bourbon Barrel Aged Smoked IPA/ 6% ABV

Whiskey Sour- Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian-Style Ale w/ Limes/ 6.7% ABV

Wowee Zowee- American Golden Ale w/ Mint & Mango/ 6% ABV

Nicie Spicie- American Spiced Wheat Ale/ 5% ABV

Additionally, the first 200 customers ages 21 and up in line prior to opening will receive a card good for a free order HopCat’s Crack Fries every week for a year, and there will be live music in the evening with a free concert with the Pitch Blak Brass Band and  Howling Diablos in the Huma Room at HopCat.

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