We Are Proud to Support The Wild Animal Sanctuary

We Are Proud to Support The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Tender Belly recently donated 6,320 lbs. of product to The Wild Animal Sanctuary to support their critical cause.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary has been rescuing exotic wildlife and endangered species since 1980. The sanctuary is currently home to more than 290 lions, tigers, bears, (oh my!) jaguars, leopards, mountain lions, lynx, bobcats, servals, wolves and other wildlife.

These animals were rescued because they’ve been abandoned, abused, illegally kept or came from some other terrible situation. Many of them were kept as pets before being confiscated by law enforcement officials during the first six months of their lives.

The sanctuary also provides a permanent refuge to “surplus animals” from zoos and other wildlife facilities where they face euthanasia due to over-breeding. It is the mission of The Wild Animal Sanctuary and facilities like it to protect animals that have become victims of the rampant captive wildlife crisis.

The sanctuary provides large acreage areas and takes care to do what it can to simulate life in the wild for these animals. The Wild Animal Sanctuary is usually operating at, or near, maximum capacity so it is always vital for the non-profit to receive support in the form of donations and volunteers so they can continue to take in animals in need.

They rely solely on donations, much like The Humane Society. We at Tender Belly are proud to have the opportunity to contribute to this cause by donating and by spreading the word about the amazing work done at the sanctuary.

To learn more about how you can pitch in, visit their site here. You can also visit the sanctuary and find out once and for all what the fox really says. Will we ever know??

Thanks to The Wild Animal Sanctuary for changing the lives of these animals! You guys are an amazing part of our community!

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