American Bacon

Our commitment to quality starts with our heritage hogs, meaning hogs with good genes from long, documented bloodlines. We are hog snobs, to say the least. We partner with farms across the country and farmers who do it right, treating the hogs with care and provide the best conditions possible – no antibiotics, crate-free, vegetarian fed, humane transportation and time to grow up and live as hogs should. This is American bacon in every sense of the term- derived from hogs raised here, with American rubs, smoked in America, and done the way it’s been done for decades.

American Roots

Founded by Shannon and Erik Duffy, two brothers from Iowa, our benchmark for taste and quality is re-setting the industry standard. We believe there’s a better way to bacon.

Our obsession with quality goes beyond our final product to the lives our hogs live and how they’re treated. It’s at the core of our quality promise. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it results in the best-tasting pork.

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