Sliced Bacon

Sliced bacon can be cured or uncured bacon that's been sliced before it was packaged. When you receive it, just peel a piece off and cook it in whatever way you like best.

From Quality Ingredients comes Awesome Bacon

We invest in ingredients that meet the insanely high standards we set for our meats. But most importantly, we take our time. We believe that’s the one thing that sets our pork apart from the rest. Giving our hogs the time they need to mature, taking our time searching for the best ingredients we can find, allowing our bacon to dry cure for 12 days and smoking it for six hours.

At Tender Belly, we pay serious attention to where food is raised or grown and how it’s processed. From our pork itself to the other spices and ingredients we use to create our premium products, we make sure everything is sourced with care. We founded our business on our obsession with making great bacon and a passion for heritage pigs. And the most honored legacy of a glorious Tender Belly pig is truly great bacon!

The Environment

We make every effort to be humane and environmentally conscious. We choose farms close to our processing plants to cut down on unnecessary transportation. We promote feed that is good for the environment, much of which comes from the same farms that raise our hogs. We ship our product in insulated, biodegradable wrapping when possible. And we’re always looking for new ways of doing things better.

Antibiotic Free Bacon

The Heritage breed hogs we use for our bacon are Old World pigs raised without antibiotics, crate-free and vegetarian fed. They take longer to grow and mature to market weight, but the extra fattiness leads to more marbling, which means more tender meat with better flavor and juiciness. When you taste Tender Belly pork, you just know it’s different…and you go for seconds.

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