Smoked Bacon

We take smoked bacon seriously. Our Tender Belly bacon is smoked to perfection over cherrywood to deliver a real smoky flavor in a natural way. We don't take shortcuts by using artificial liquid smoke products. Instead, we do it right by smoking our bacon for six hours over real wood and infusing that real smokiness into each and every delicious slice of bacon.

Slow Cured Bacon

We slow-cure our bacon, and we do mean slow. We give it a full 12 days to absorb the exceptional flavor of the dry-rub, and to completely cure the meat.

Cherrywood Smoked Bacon

Sure we could use cheaper woods for our smoking process such as hickory, but we favor the rich flavor derived from cherrywood. We smoke each batch of our bacon over cherrywood to seal in that rich and slightly sweet smoky taste into every bite.

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