Bacon: how to cut and prepare slab bacon

Bacon: how to cut and prepare slab bacon

Imagine a perfect tender belly, with our signature maple and spice rub lovingly applied, then dry cured and cherrywood-smoked to perfection. Is your mouth watering yet?

We spare no expense with ingredients, process or time to give you the best possible pork products (we call it Certified Awesome). Our slab bacon  comes unsliced, allowing you to enjoy it as thick as you’d like. It can be cut into small chunks, wedges, cubes, thick strips, or however your bacon-loving heart desires.

Cutting slab bacon

  1. Start by removing the rind of the slab with a sharp knife. Slice it as thinly as possible, cutting through the edge of the rind and pushing the blade of the knife while pulling out the ring.
  2. Then cut the slab to your desired level of thickness and shape.
  3. If you don’t use all of the slab in one cooking, wrap the remaining bacon with a cloth or piece of paper. We don’t recommend using plastic wrap, as this may sour the bacon. Tie it off with a string to make sure the bacon is securely wrapped, and put it in the fridge or freezer for future use.

How to prepare slab bacon

  1. Tried and true thin slices:despite the options, we have to say thin slices of bacon that can be fried up and caramelized will forever be the best way to prepare Tender Belly bacon.
  2. Cubed in a soup or stew: another popular use for slab bacon is to cut it into small chunks or cubes - otherwise known as lardons - and then adding them to stews or soups. Add in your favorite lentils, beans, potatoes and veggies for a delicious and hearty stew.
  3. Thick chunks for a knife-and-fork dinner: cooking large chunks of slab bacon (without slicing it whatsoever) can be a flavorful main course of your next dinner. Toss it into a pan of simmering water and cook it for about an hour.
  4. Save the grease:is there anything better than cooked greens, stir-fried vegetables, or sautéed seafood in bacon grease? Answer: nope.
  5. Eat it raw: if the slab bacon you’re eating is properly cured and well smoked (and you're feelin' extra fancy) then you can you slice it paper thin and eat it raw. Imagine an Italian lardo, except meatier, more flavorful and incredibly delicious.

What’s your favorite way to cut and prepare slab bacon? Let us know by tagging @tenderbelly on social media. Shop our slab bacon here.

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