Tender Belly: Now Paleo and Keto Certified!

Tender Belly: Now Paleo and Keto Certified!

Paleo and Keto diets have been around stayed relevant for weight loss and other health benefits. If you’re looking for a sustainable diet that’s good for you, while still wanting to enjoy the finer things in life (for example, a delicious package of Tender Belly gourmet bacon with your breakfast), then we have good news.

Two of Tender Belly's best sellers -- thePork Jerky andNo Sugar Bacon --are officially keto- and paleo-certified because clean living doesn't mean you can't have fun

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Keto Diet 

This isn’t just about losing weight. Theketo diet was originally used as a way to help with neurological diseases — the most well-known being epilepsy. The more it was researched, it turned out to have many other health benefits, like improved mental focus, sustained energy, heart health and more.

Paleo Diet 

Similar to the keto diet, thepaleo diet also has health benefits. By focusing on the removal of non-essential food groups and just getting back to the basics, it cuts out the artificial ingredients we find in most food nowadays, and is said to improve heart health and reduce inflammation.

Tender Belly Paleo and Keto Certifications

Here at Tender Belly, we have a mission to be as transparent with our process and our products, and these certifications for our two new products is our way of going above and beyond for everyone who wants a quality piece of pork.

ThePork Jerky andNo Sugar Bacon include the deliciousness of all the Tender Belly options, while sticking to the certification guidelines of the keto and paleo diets. With no artificial products and getting back to the most basic ingredients, which is exactly what these certifications call for, we deliver some mouth-wateringly good products. These products have no artificial aspects and are made specifically for consumers dedicated to clean food. With major numbers of people jumping on both the keto foods and paleo foods bandwagon, this is a huge step for Tender Belly. 

Starting with a clear mission to be humane and environmentally conscious, this new degree of dedication to real food is something noteworthy, and frankly, not very common in the meat industry. Aketo diet has specific targets mainly for carbohydrate content while thepaleo diet (also known as the “caveman diet”) focuses on getting back to the essentials of what once was the human diet. Both aim to simplify food and make it real again, which is what Tender Belly has always had a mission to do. To learn more about certification, visit: https://paleofoundation.com/

Use these Tender Belly keto and paleo products in our great Paleo Bacon Egg Cups recipe to get you started! It’s a delicious quick snack, and perfect if you need some ideas to help you follow the paleo diet. We think the best way to learn more about keto and paleo is a little taste testing.

Happy and healthy eating from Team Tender Belly!

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