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Heritage Pork

Posted January 24, 2016

Photo ofHeritage Porkby Tender Belly
By Jacob Dean, The Cooks Cook For years health conscious chefs have been harping on about the need for consumers to move away from processed foods. While natural products are often expensive, you really do get what you pay for: a product of much higher quality that simply taste better. The difficulty is that sometimes heritage products, and particularly meat, can be hard to come by. Tender Belly, a Colorado-based heritage pork-producing company, helps to bridge that gap with online ordering and nation-wide shipping. It's easy to recommend Tender Belly. Specializing in heritage Berkshire pork, their user-friendly website carries a diverse line of heritage products at a variety of price points. Standouts include thick-cut dry-rubbed uncured bacon, which comes in both maple and habanero varieties (we recommend the subtle but kicky habanero) and racks of Berkshire ribs, which can be purchased either frenched or unfrenched. The high quality ribs are meaty and incredibly flavorful, and produced some of the best pork chops we've ever cooked. It's work noting that shipping is expensive, starting at $20, but items arrive quickly via FedEx in insulated boxes, and customer service is excellent. Plus, at $6.75/lb for osso buck and $7.55/lb for pork belly, both from Berkshire his, it's not hard to fill your basket.

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