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Bacon of the Month Club

The best damn bacon on the planet made with the finest, all-natural ingredients.



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  • Signature : Pork, Salt, Brown Sugar, Celery Powder, Maple Sugar, Spices, White Sugar
  • Habañero: Pork, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Celery Powder, Maple Sugar, Spices, White Sugar, Habanero Powder
  • No Sugar: Pork, Salt, Celery Powder, Spices
  • Java Rubbed: Pork, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Celery Powder, Maple Sugar, Spices, White Sugar, Coffee


Bacon. Enough said. Try the world’s best bacon delivered to your door, monthly. That’s right. Four pounds of dry-cured, Cherrywood-smoked bacon flavored with our signature maple rub or spiced up with our habanero mix. Try one flavor or get two of each. Avoiding sugar? Choose the No Sugar variety for carb-free deliciousness. Or sample our new Java rubbed bacon. Your two breakfast favorites in one!

Be part of the “in” club and sign up for a monthly supply of our maple cured signature bacon! Our Bacon of the Month Club is $59.00 - $69.00 per shipment and contains four (4) one-pound (12 oz for No Sugar or Java variety) packages of this delicious bacon every month – with absolutely FREE shipping (free shipping available to lower 48 states).

You can easily update your subscription by logging into your account and change the flavors of Bacon so that you can try all of our Certified Awesome Bacon flavors. You also have the ability to change the shipment date if you are going to be unavailable to receive the shipment.

Our heritage breed hogs are Old World pigs raised without antibiotics, vegetarian fed and crate-free. They take longer to grow and mature to market weight, but the extra fattiness leads to more marbling, which means more tender meat with better flavor and juiciness. When you taste Tender Belly pork, you just know it's different...and you go for seconds.

Remember: BACON, it’s good for ya!

Certified Awesome
Heritage Breed Pork
  • Raised Without Any Antibiotics, Ever
  • Vegetarian Fed
  • Crate-free
Superior Recipes
  • Perfected for Amazing Flavor
  • Sourced by Elite Chefs Nationwide
  • Primed for Culinary Creativity
Doing Things Better
  • Insanely High Standards
  • Sourcing With Care
  • Humane and Environmentally Conscious
  • Nose-To-Tail Usage